Summary: Internet Censorship In China

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China is well known for their Great Firewall that blocks numerous of sites from the outside world. However, not many people may know the true extent of China’s censorship on the internet. Most people know China’s block on almost all American social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. China not only censors materials from the outside, but also censors what their citizens post or what they see from Chinese websites. China’s internet is strictly censored and this has resulted in many rebellions from the Chinese citizens; on the other hand, China has become an influential figure for their creations on the internet such as their mobile applications. China began their ventures into the internet in the twentieth century and since then…show more content…
However, this did not stop the internet citizens from reposting this information and spreading it around over the internet. Many of those who have gone against the Chinese government over their censorships have been arrested. Osnos gives a few examples of the people who have gone against the Chinese government. Most of these individuals who do go against China’s censorships are mostly bloggers who want to expose China’s government. “Bloggers started identifying photos that had been doctored by Party propagandists to make the crowds look larger or the officials more important” (Osnos 165). Osnos uses Ai WeiWei and Liu XiaoBo as examples of individuals who have gone against the Chinese government’s censorship and was later arrested for their actions. Even though China’s censorship is harsh; China’s internet has made tremendous improvements compared to when they were first introduced to the internet. China has greatly influenced the world with their mobile applications for example WeChat. WeChat has become a highly influential application because of its multi-functional use. Not only is WeChat a texting application it can also help the user with daily tasks such as paying utilities bills. Since WeChat is an application that gives their user a wide range of resources to use it has become a role model for many other
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