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Summary: How To Listen Empathetically Sharon Gaither Argosy University Psychology 180: Interpersonal Effectiveness Professor Erica Wattley October 10, 2012 Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills: Empathy & Empathetic Listening Empathy is the way you feel or understand another person; it is a deep emotional understanding of a person’s feelings or problems. It is as we often hear people say put yourself in someone else’s shoes. An empathic listener gives the other person his or her undivided attention. When being an empathic listener you have to focus on the words the speaker is saying and not let yourself be distracted. As you focus on what the person is saying, you can respond when needed. If you don’t…show more content…
When you actually sit and try to understand people you find that you become closer. I also found that there was a sheer appreciation for actually listening to the person. When a person has someone else to sit and listen to them talk about their situation or problems it helps them to relieve stress. During my conversation with my son I had to try and put myself in his shoes. As we set down and began talking my tone was very emotional, I am very angry about how he is living his life at this time. I want him to make some changes and I want to scream at him hoping that at some point he will understanding why I am pushing him to do better. I know at this point that if I wasn’t careful with my tone and the words that I use that I am going to lose his interest period. As we sat and talked I had to stop talking and listen to his reasoning for doing things the way he has been. As soon as he began to speak I got angry because I raised him better. I can’t help but to think about the moral and religious beliefs I have instilled in him that he seems to have forgotten. Even though I was able to listen to my son, I still can’t relate to where he is coming from however now I do have a better understanding. I have always had an opening relationship with my son where he knows that he could tell me anything. He knows that I may get angry at first but after hearing what he has to say, I will take a cool off spell and come back

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