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Savannah Hamman Ms. Falbo Investigative Journalism 21 October 2016 Sleep and Students She woke up and stretched the stiffness from her limbs as she glanced at the clock, squinting through the blur of her tired eyes. 6:30 am, it read back to her, she sighed as she inched her way out of bed, not wanting to reach the edge and just stay in the warmth of her cozy sheets all day. When she finally stumbled into school, the students all around her were exactly the same. They walked the halls only half awake, hunching over and grumbling as they shuffled down the narrow halls. Only half conscious, still rubbing the sleep from their eyes. Through class, their eyes stared empty toward the board, barely aware of what is going on around them, slumping in their seats, just waiting for the final bell. This is just one case of the many sleep deprived teens across the country, and this is affecting all aspects in their life. Kids need a mandatory eight to ten hours of sleep each day or their school work, emotions, and relationships could be greatly affected and suffer a serious amount. Sleep is like food for the brain. It is where much important brain activity takes place. Research shows sleep deprived kids can find it challenging to get along with your friends and family and impact scores on school exams, or show effect on the court or on the field (National Sleep Foundation, “Teens and Sleep”). All the aspects that are impacted are very important to teens, and it really isn’t
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