Summary : ' Just A Game '

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Justice Antrum English 10 4/27/15 Just a game I am having the time of my life doing what I love, playing football. This was during a 7 on 7 touch football game. The previous play I snatched the ball out of the air from an opposing player to secure the touchdown and with all my energy on competing I was ready for the next play of defense to begin. The play starts with the opposing quarterback launching the ball. With it floating to the receiver in the end zone. I see the ball and sprinted close enough to dive ,and was just able to graze the tip of the ball to deflect it. The next play the quarterback dropped back once again and heaved the ball into the air I was able to find where the receiver was then I located the ball. The football wabbled in the air struggling to reach the receiver. I jumped for the ball staring it down and the next thing I could remember was staring at was the hospital bed that I laid in. When jumping for the ball I collided into a teammate resulting in a concussion and due to the collision I was not able to recall the actual accident happening or the hospital ride. There has always been a lot of discussion on concussion in football. Yet in recent times youth football concussions have become more of a recurrence in that discussion. I 've been playing football since I was 8 years old and even though I do play football and plan to play football at the collegiate level. I do feel that concussions are an issue in the sport. Youth football players
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