Summary: Legalizing Marijuana Should Be Forbidden

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Legalizing Marijuana Should Be Forbidden

Marijuana has been around for many years that has created a disastrously bad habit. It can cause innocent people to do regretful activities with sedating effects on many users. This drug causes fear anxiety, and paranoia results with outbursts of aggressive behavior. In many people, marijuana once it wears off their behavior gradually improves. Although there are many kinds of drugs, marijuana is the most common. Legalizing marijuana should be forbidden for the sake of its effect on the brain. This law should never be written into effect for the safety of the general public and children. First, when people use marijuana, fear almost instantly becomes relevant. They feel that everyone is out to attack them for some reason or another. Fearing that other individuals are going to kill or rob them, they go into an overprotection mode. Forbidding this law will protect every citizen for being harmed because a person has used marijuana and became violent. Everyone becomes their enemy and fighting or killing is their main motive. When in this overactive state, the brain perceives
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This will make it easier for children who think this is cool to gain access to this and any other drug that may be laced in marijuana to gain access to it. This drug like so many others drugs should never be legalized just to capitalize on wanting tax dollars. So many citizens are against this law being written into the constitution it’s scary. All laws are supposed to be given to the public to vote on, but it is rarely given to the citizens to help decide on. When this is looked at carefully everyone will see that it is a bad idea and should be banned. Some will say it should be legal for medical reasons. There are many great benefits to marijuana but to legalize it is not the
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