Summary : ' Lgbtq Rights '

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Elizabeth Tesler Dr. Kinder-Rhodes Enc1102 01 September 2015 LGBTQ Rights “God said Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” we have all heard this quote. People use this quote because it is part of the Bible and people think that the Bible is the best judge out there. People diminish others by saying these types of quote. People also do not realize that the LGBTQA still do not have equal rights. People think that just because gay marriage was legalized that they also got equal. Some issues that the LGBTQA community faces is that they do not have any anti-discrimination laws. People should at least try not to be less hateful and be a little more informed. There is hate for the LGBTQ community all over the world and there is not a lot of people that are known to be part of the community. It is really important to acknowledge these people because they are human just like anyone else. We see the LGBTQA community all around us. Currently there are gay and transgender characters on famous TV shows. There are not many shows that do include them, but some are The Fosters, Glee, and I am Cait. Most of these characters are good role models for growing LGBTQA teens, but there are some that are very troublesome and people should not look up to them. One person in particular that is a very awful role model is Caitlyn Jenner. Many people love her currently because she told the world that she is transgender. She is a horrendous transgender idol. Caitlyn Jenner currently gets a lot of hate
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