Summary: Long Term Implications

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Long Term Implications
The long-term implications for business owners and security professionals as it relates to the Aurora Colorado theater shooting comes down to preparedness for the threat of an active shooter. The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin list some key considerations for business owners and security professionals when addressing the problem of the active shooter. The FBI reinforces that there is no one specific demographic for an active shooter. In fact, they may display preattack behavior, that when recognized can disrupt the threat. Special Agent Katherine Schweit, who serves as a special assistant to the executive assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch, explains that “The pathway to targeted violence typically involves an unresolved real or perceived grievance and an ideation of a violent resolution that eventually moves from thought to research, planning, and preparation.” (Schweit, 2013) The FBI further explains that threat assessment needs to include
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This detailed analysis revealed significant lesson regarding behavioral and security management. It was important to explain, theoretically, the behavior and actions of James Holmes. As a result of his actions, valuable lessons were revealed for both law enforcement and security professionals. Businesses and organizations must continue to apply the lessons learned from this incident, as well the additional incidents that have taken place since, and apply the various preventative and mitigating actions. Both the FBI and DHS offer programs to assist the public, first responders and security managers respond to an active shooter situation. Understanding the nature of this type of violence is essential to effective assessment and management. Everyone must make the commitment to ensure public

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