Summary : ' Lying Here Unconscious ' Essay

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Vishva Tiwari Pr. Tracie Hernandez Composition I Sept. 14 2015 Lying here unconscious! It was getting late so I quickly came out. It was busy day and had to do overtime. I reached my location and got out of my car, lock the car and started to walk the 100 feet to the entrance of my apartment at 82‐70 Austin Street, which is in a Tudor building, with stores on the first floor and apartments on the second. The entrance to the apartment is in the rear of the building because the front was rented to retail stores. At night, the quiet neighborhood is shrouded in the slumbering darkness that marks most residential areas. I then noticed a man at the far end of the lot near a seven‐story apartment house at 82‐40 Austin Street. I halted. Then, nervously, I headed up Austin Street toward Lefferts Boulevard, where there was a call box to the 102d police Precinct in nearby Richmond Hill. I was walking as fast as I could and when I reached in front of a bookstore, I suddenly felt a pain. Then I knew I was being stabbed by a man. I screamed. Then I saw a beam of light in the 10‐story apartment house at 82‐67 Austin Street, which faces the bookstore. Windows slid open and voices punctured the early‐morning stillness. I was still screaming for help. One man shouted to let me be alone. I got a hope that I am saved. Then the assailant went. I slowly struggling on my feet

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