Summary: Malignant Tumors

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Normally, your body reproduces new cells as you need them and replaces the old cells that die (Lindstrom, 2011). Sometimes, this process goes wrong where new cells are produced uncontrollably even when you don’t need them, and old cells don’t die when they should (Lindstrom, 2011). These abnormal growth of the cell tissues can form tumors which can be benign or malignant (Lindstrom, 2011). A benign tumor is not a cancerous tumor which cannot spread throughout the body like those cancerous ones (Usmani, 2015). Malignant tumors are cancerous tumors that have the ability to multiply uncontrollably and spread to different locations in the body (Lindstrom, 2011). Abnormal cells that form a malignant tumor are very unstable. They travel via blood
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