Summary : ' Miracle Boy '

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It was about to become a horrible day. My sister and I sat in the doctor’s office, nervous but hopeful. We listened as he gave us the result of the tests, a large, inoperable cancerous mass was the cause of my young nephew’s dizziness, blurred vision and headaches. We just sat there looking at each other in disbelief. We were just told that my quiet, kind, gentle nephew was going to die.

Charlie was the oldest of 7 children my sister had. He was a gentle boy, quiet most of the time, but witty at the most unexpected times. My sister’s home was a passed down homestead of her husband’s family, it only contained 3 bedrooms so as her family grew, and her children had to share them. First she had 3 boys and then 4 girls. To make room for all her children, they converted the basement into a bedroom for the 3 boys and the girls shared the two bedrooms upstairs. All the way home, we talked about how this doctor must be wrong. We discussed the next step of getting second opinions and where to go for them. We refused to give in to this diagnosis, it was impossible; Charlie was only 22 years old. This didn’t happen to young people. We gathered all the hope and strength we had

The next few weeks were filled with great hope as we went from doctor appointments and more tests, but all ended with the same devastating diagnosis, Charlie had a Metastasized Mass in his brain and he only had a few months to live.…
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