Summary : Nfl's Success

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Summary of NFL’s Success

Leadership can be perceived in a variety of assortments, depending on who is the target audience and who is the individual trying to be the leader. Authors and coaches may say that they know the precise answer to be best leader in the NFL. From researching books and articles to watching famous quotes in movies from famous celebrities can help players, coaches, and administration become motivated to being a fantastic leader. Furthermore, we looked at a famous leadership book created by Tony Dungy called The Mentor Leader to give the foundation to how to be a successful leader in the NFL and generate loyal fans.

A successful leader like Tony Dungy was not perfect, he actually wanted to quit playing
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These "M 's"are Mandate, Mind-set, Maturity, Marks, Moments, Models, Means, Methods, and Measures that are essential to becoming a leader. This leadership style will involve engagement with others and becoming a team with a common goal. Developing those relationship with others and God need to be persistent and authentic or individuals will not be able to buy into it. The relationships with them will create other mentor leaders if it is done right because it is not about us, it is about giving God all the glory. This leadership style has made him successful in the NFL and is extremely effective.

We took in a different perspective and found other ways to becoming successful in the NFL. We have researched multiple leadership books, quotes, articles and more to find the most essential way to being successful with the 9 “M’s” to thrive with loyal fans to continue to have faith in God and their team throughout future generations.

Final Synopsis


To have a well-formed plan to becoming a great leader in the NFL, there needs to be a base characteristic to succeed. The first "M" that Tony Dungy has implemented in his leadership style is mandate (Dungy, 2010). This "M" to succeed in the NFL is to put people first. Mandating needs to become second nature to create the base of a leader and being selfless. This can be achieved when a football player
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