Summary Of ' 12 Angry Men ' By Reginald Rose

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Joshua Bennett
American Literature
12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose
Plot Development of Act 1 In Act 1 of 12 Angry Men, all the jurors were introduced and the trial was revealed to us. There were twelve jurors that were trying a teenage boy who was accused of murdering his father. The scene was set in a jury room in the New York City Court of Law on a hot summer day in 1957. Before the voting started, the judge stated that for the boy to be found guilty and receive the death penalty, there must be a unanimous vote for guilty. The Foreman of the jury took the first vote and all but one voted for guilty, the eighth juror. After the vote, the other jurors were frustrated that this one person did not vote guilty. When the eighth juror explains why he voted not guilty, all the other jurors agreed to explain why they voted guilty. As they went along, they all had the same story that was based off of no evidence except for the prejudice testimonies and their own personal feelings. For example, the third juror who had a son said, “When he was nine he ran away from a fight. I saw him. I was so ashamed I almost threw up... When he was sixteen we had a battle. He hit me in the face. He’s big, y’know. I haven’t seen him in years. Rotten kid.” (Third Juror, pg. 18). As the trial moved on, more and more jurors changed their mind and realized that the eighth juror was right and the evidence that the jurors are going off of lead them to have a reasonable doubt. For example, the
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