Summary Of ' A Cup Of Tea '

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A Cup of Tea, a short story set in 1917 London, is a story that reflects the social class disparities of that time and highlights the inner conflict between materialistic lifestyles and true happiness. The story centers on Rosemary Fell, a rich, youthful lady and events occurring during one of her days shopping. Rosemary is member of the upper class, almost nobility in nature. Her social class is further expressed through the adjectives such as brilliant, extremely modern, well dressed and read to describe Rosemary. The author further defines her social status by revealing she is married to a man, Phillip, who is very in love with her and that they are very affluent beyond what most people would consider well off or comfortable and only associates with the most important people and artists. It is in these materialistic things and social statuses that Rosemary finds what she sees as her securities and beauty. The day of shopping was rainy which is normal in London during the winter and also is symbolic of the eventual gloom Rosemary experiences. The day began as most others for her as she went to an antique shop she had frequented many time before. Rosemary was an extravagant shopper and could buy whatever she wanted. Many times she would purchase multiple flower arrangements just to have them. On this day, Rosemary was shown an enamel box by the antique shop owner for a price of 28 guineas. At this point, the day became abnormal for Rosemary as she so wanted the
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