Summary Of ' A Dead Body Seems '

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Chapter Twenty-One
The Answer Was Right under Our Noses

The answer came two days later, clearly stamped on Seth’s pale face. “Twist found something.”
“A dead body perhaps?” After solving the Sade Stone caper, a murder would put the Deadwood Detective Agency’s name on everyone’s lips.
“I’m not sure,” he said.
“He wants us to meet him at Wallington Hall.” He scraped back his lawn chair and jogged down the front porch steps. A minute later, he was headed across the yard on his faded blue bicycle. I caught up with him just outside the gate. We coasted beneath clumsy clouds like white giants with colorless hearts and a lurid sun that caressed our cheeks.
By the time we reached the mansion, it was noon and the weather had radically
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Thunder boomed again, rattling the broken glass in the window frames. Outside it was raining—from light sprinkles too hard fat drops in seconds.
“I need to measure the ghostnitric energy in the room.” Seth pulled a small device about the size of a calculator from his hip pocket and pressed an oversized black button. The thingamabob made a soft snick sound then flashed green.
“So the green light means that the ghost was a fake?” I guessed.
“No, no.” He lifted his eyes from the contraption and gave me a worried look. “It was very real.”
“Real?” Twist’s eyebrows quivered.
“Come on.” I grabbed his wrist and dragged him up the stairs. “You wanted to show us something, remember?”
“Oh, right,” he groaned.
We tiptoed down the dark hall and into the secret room. The casket was gone. Twist pointed to a trap door in the floor that we hadn’t seen before.
Seth’s eyes got wide. “Where did that come from?”
“It was here the entire time. We just didn’t see it before because it was covered with a rug and dust.” Twist yanked the cord. The trapdoor swung up, and a wooden ladder clattered into place behind one of the walls. “Come on.”
The steps trembled as we climbed down.
Seth reached the bottom and moved his flashlight around, a dim and shaky beam of yellow light against the darkened shaft. The tunnel was filled with a bunch of creepy junk: a Samurai sword covered in dust, glass jars containing tiny skulls in green goo, rigging pulleys attached to knotted ropes like bristly
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