Summary Of ' A Good Man Is Hard And Find '

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Over and over again, we have heard the phrase “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. When first reading the title I thought it was just going to be a short stroy about someone giving a single, female advice but it was the furthest thing from that. After reading the story, we fully learn that the title is a line in the story from a conversation had between the grandmother and Red Sammy. This line was said because they were talking about how its hard to find loyal people anymore nowadays. Unfortunately, a “good man” has a different meaning to every character in the story. The beginning of story takes place in Georgia, in the city where the family lives and then continues on as they start their road trip. Towards the second part of the story takes place in ditch due to the family’s car running off the road. The author and or character never tell us when it happened or what time of day it is. We just know from reading that there was no sun in the sky. We don’t really know the era of the story but as for different given details, I’m assuming that it’s no time before the 1940’s. It is stated that O’Connor wrote the story in 1953 which makes perfect sense anyway. After I read the story over for a second time, a lot of symbolic quotes stuck out to me. On page 45, the town that the family drove through was called ‘Toomsboro”. When I first read the story, I didn 't think anything of it but after reading it for a second time and knowing whats about to happen I realized that it was symbolic as
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