Summary Of A Hero's Journey Chapter 1

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Kat without stopping to reply said “they will be here in five, I sent the other Hummers over to the hospital, along with the Marine.” “Understood.” Rachel said seeing that the Hummers were nearby. Letting go of Rebecca, so they both could enter the Humvee. At the same time Kat’s Hummer’s engine started up. Looking into the rearview mirror Rachel saw the Ranger and Kat was getting in their Hummer. The sounds of the Apaches, Rachel knew they would be in a matter of moments. “Punch it.” Rachel said as she the two choppers appearing in the distance. The two Hummers left the area, when two pairs of rockets slammed into the deserted building. The building exploded in a huge ball of fire, which cause both hummers to rock in the wake. The two Apaches, flew past the two feeling Hummers, and circling around, they opened up with their Vulcan Gatling guns. The rain of bullets hammered the remaining zombies, tearing them to shreds.…show more content…
Turing around she spotted the three other Humvees and her people were musing about. Getting out of the Humvee, Rachel walked over to Keyes, and asked “how is the Marine?” Turning around Keyes, replied “I am not sure boss, but the doctors will take care of her.” Nodding Rachel looked around at her people and to try and get their spirits up she said “there are a few restaurants around here. Go get some food in you. You all deserve it.” Keyes cocked his head right and questioned “we want to know about our team mate. And we do not want to leave until we know.” Rachel knew exactly what he meant, she decided to wait for news about the Marine woman, whom she never knew. And resolved to get to know her and the rest of the team. Taking a seat on the Hummer’s hood, she noticed that it felt warm on her butt. But she did not care, soon Rebecca came over and sat next to her. Chapter
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