Summary Of ' A Modest Proposal '

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Samantha Ingham Brittnaey Harp English Composition 23 September 2015 Text In Action Imagine living n a country where everyone is so overpopulated and in such poverty that they had to sell their children for meat, now picture fattening up your children so that you could sell them for even more money. This is exactly the idea that Jonathon Swift proposed to Ireland to help limit the problems they were having. During this time period they were having economical problems such as poverty and overpopulation. Throughout Swifts writing we are able to recognize many things such as his purpose for writing “A Modest Proposal” and how it’s achieved, the form of emotional and logical appeal he uses to draw in his readers, along with his strongest and weakest elements in his text. Although Swift proposes his modest idea of selling children into the meat market, that is not his real solution, it is simply an idea that he proposes to get his point across that if something doesn’t change fast within his community there could be extremes that people have to do in order to survive. His real solution is stated at the end of the piece when he says “At taking our absenlees at five shilling a pound, of neither using Cloaths, nor household furniture, except of what is of our own grown and manufacture” (Swift). He is saying that in order to improve the economical situation in Ireland, they need to be taxing their people and making their own products. The purpose of writing “A Modest Proposal”
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