Summary Of A Novel By Aldo Leopold

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In this novel written by Aldo Leopold, he brings in a dreamy imagery ridden writing that entices the reader. Along with photographs that go along with his journey and conservation. The book goes in order of months starting with January and once it hits December, instead of months they are replaced with locations. Leopold takes his stance to talk about conservation, but not only that he goes on to make the point of the importance of trying to maintain harmony through what Leopold termed as land ethics. Leopold takes a different route of explain things that are constructed in this novel, in every observation he so vividly describes for the reader. Leopold takes his love and respect for land and heartfully writes this novel to inform others about the beauty of land as well. Although, Leopold’s novel was in three sections, each serving its own purpose. Nevertheless, each still all came together to connect with the same theme, which was to have harmony between nature and humanity.
In the beginning of the novel Leopold begins by giving the reader the census of changing of ecosystems, exploring the interactions among animals as well as plants and the impact of interactions through the seasons. He widens the field, giving the reader a realistic idea of landscapes. Leopold also goes on to share in the second section his journey to various farms and places throughout the United States, not holding anything back. Leopold addresses the important issues such as declining natural

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