Summary Of ' A Passage Of India ' By Quot. Forster

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A Passage to India, written by E.M. Forster, is a story of human relations between the British colonists and the people of India. Dr. Aziz, a native Indian and main character in the novel, is extremely frustrated of the way others think about these two cultures together. Some may say it 's the position of superiority the British hold that the Indians perceive as degrading. Throughout the novel there is a clear tension between the natives and the colonists that relate to both fictional and historical events. There are several events that occur that demonstrate this cultural division. One event, for example, is when Aziz first meets Mrs. Moore, who is an elderly Englishwoman, and after they chat for awhile, he escorts her to a club that is strictly labeled whites-only. In the mean time, the Indians are forced to stay outside as if some type of a subhuman being. It is this type of segregation that has been see in history time and time again that leads to racial tension. Its simply a problem of education because those who do not study history are bound to repeat it. In every culture, civilization, habitat, or locality, there is, or has been, some form of discrimination at hand. From what I 've experienced, I believe it is solely based off of change of normality. For instance, when British colonists first arrived in the New World, Native Americans had already owned the land. To the natives, this flood of immigrants was their cultural change. Had they not all been massacred and…

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