Summary Of ' A Raisin Of The Sun '

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ARITS MAJOR WORKS REVIEW GENERAL 1. Title – A Raisin in the Sun 2. Author (Playwright) – Lorraine Hansberry 3. Date of Original Publication – 1958 4. Novel Type – Play, Realist drama STRUCTURE 1. Point of View – third person objective, with the narrator giving stage directions to actions of characters 2. Relationship to meaning: Since she chooses all scenes to write about, Lorraine Hansberry is often considered the narrator and is able to provide perspective into the setting and action of the play. However, point of view is not a central part because characters show equal amounts of perspective. 3. Plot Structure a. Exposition – The Younger family is introduced as an African-American poor, middle-class family living in a small, cramped apartment with a shared bathroom in the Chicago slums whose five members have unsatisfying, low-wage jobs (or, in the case of Beneatha, is in college and aspiring to be a doctor). They have great hope and excitement as they wait for an important check in the mail. b. Inciting Incident – When the $10,000 insurance check from Big Walter’s death arrives, each family member’s conflicting dreams leads to them disagree on how to use the money. Walter wants to become a business owner by investing the money in a liquor store with friends, Beneatha wants to use the money to pay for her medical school tuition, and Mama and Ruth have the shared dream of purchasing a house to get the family out of their cramped quarters. c. Events contributing to
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