Summary Of A Sound Of Thunder And Nethergrave

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“A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury and “Nethergrave” by Gloria, both explore the subject of technology’s effect in people’s lives. Both authors use technology in their literary works to express the lively effects on the main characters. The story, A Sound of Thunder, is about a boy Eckel, making a small action, that causes history to change. Nethergrave is about a boy, Jeremy, who makes a life changing decision after having a lonely and disappointing day. From the two science fiction stories, “A Sound of Thunder” is the better story based on setting, actions, and theme. “A.D. 2055. A.D. 2019. 1999! 1957! Gone! The machine roared” (pg. 289). A Sound of Thunder takes place in 2055 at Time Safari Inc. The setting effects technology’s effect on people lives, because this is a time in future where the time machine is invented. This time machine is what causes Eckel to change History, which is connected to how technology changes lives. Nethergrave takes place in Jeremy’s school and house in the present day. This involves virtual reality with takes place in present day. This science fiction story is very realistic because it involves technology that is used today. “With Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, Jeremy’s father had been in the right place at the right time when the computer revolution took off” (pg. 316). Jeremy’s father was working with Bill gates which proves that it is around present day. The “computer revolution” referred in this quote effects people’s lives, with the new evolution of technology with computers. A sound of thunder is more exciting because it involves the future, and a time machine. The author explains the theme very well by showing real life changing events. Eckels actions in the time travel machine, causes history to change. “It couldn’t change things. Killing one butterfly couldn’t be that important! Could it?” (pg. 299) Eckel killed one butterfly in history, and in panic he wonders if it could change all of history. “Who- who won the presidential election yesterday? ...Deutscher of course! … Eckel moaned” (pg. 300). Eckel realizes that his small action of killing a butterfly changed the outcome of the presidential election. This event proves the subject, technology’s

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