Summary Of ' A Strange Day '

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A Strange Day In July Deep in the forest a mysterious girl in a white fluffy dress was hiding behind a big, sequoia tree. He saw a boy, probably about six years old tied up to an oak tree. There was a big note tied to the rope that said, Don’t let him wonder anymore! When she was about to let him free she saw a man and woman who were frantically running towards him, and letting him free. They were obviously his parents, and they were rushing him back to the house asking questions. “Who did this to you? and how did this happen?” When he refused to say anything, the parents gave him a hug. “It’s okay we will talk more in the morning, now go up to your room and relax.’’ Before he went up he told them that he dropped his teddy bear. The parents told him to go hurry, and get it. They said that if he saw someone, run far away from them, and don’t look back. So he did as his parents said and he walked quickly to the tree. About two minutes into the walk when he went past the girl who was still hiding, and he still hadn 't noticed her. The girl left the tree and followed behind him. This happened for about three minutes, then he saw her. The girl was noticed. She had the most beautiful dress, he had ever seen. But he had to do what his parents had instructed. He ran around the trees, over a couple rocks, and squeezed through the hole in the fence that led to the lake. He looked back to see if he had lost her but he tripped over, a rock and fell into the water. The girl had
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