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Upper School Summer Reading Worksheet Title and Author : A Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini Original publication date : May 22, 2007 Setting A. Write a brief description of the setting(s) of the book. - This book is set in the early 1960’s up until the early 2000’s, in Afghanistan. One of the leading characters of the story, Mariam lives in a small city called Herat, where she lives with her mother, Nana, in a kolba, which is a small shack. While Mariam and her mother are living in a small rundown hut, her father, Jalil, lives in a mansion with his other children and wives. - After the death of Nana, Mariam moves in with her father, Jalil and the rest of his family, until she is forced into marriage. Right after Mariam gets married,…show more content…
If so, how? - Yes, time and place do contribute to the conflict of the story. In this story, time and place tend to be the conflict. Currently in Afghanistan, and even back to when this book is set, it has been extremely challenging to be a woman. Most women are illiterate because they have no form of education, and are forced into marriage at young ages with men who are decades older than they are. Many women are abused and isolated. Sometimes when their husbands’ have male friends over they are asked to leave, and are left alone until the guests have departed. - In ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’, Mariam deals with abuse during her marriage to Rasheed, this continues the topic and conflict of women being oppressed. In a part of the book Mariam prepares a meal for Rasheed, and every time she does this she tries her best to please him. This time, Rasheed spits the rice she made on the floor, grabs rocks and tells her to chew them, injuring her. Character(s) Mariam - is a young girl who was born out of wedlock. Her mother Nana was a maid for her father Jalil, a wealthy and successful businessman. Her parents do not live together, and throughout the beginning of the story, Mariam continuously pesters her mother about seeing Jalil. Every time Mariam asks to see her father, Nana declines and says she is a “harami” and not “one of them”, meaning she’s a “bastard child”, and while Jalil is living in his mansion along with his wives and children, Nana and Mariam are living
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