Summary Of ' A Unbroken ' By Laura Hildebrand

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Sydney Neal Mrs. Dachille AP3: Hour 1 August 17, 2015 Take on “Unbroken” by Laura Hildebrand Describe the influence(s), the setting(s) (both time and place) has on the book. The time and setting are both two of the most important factors in this book. The setting is useful because it has Louie in his childhood in Torrance, college years at the University of Southern California, Olympic events in Germany during the Nazi era, army training in Hawaii and prisoner of war camp in Japan. Louie got to explore so many places at such a young age it was impossible to figure where he might’ve gone after the Olympics if he hadn’t been enlisted. If the readers didn’t know where Louie was in the book, the plot line wouldn’t make sense to most people. The time this book took place in is very significant as well. The book is set before, during and after World War 2. Louie’s account of the war was so shocking and thrilling to the public because no one had been quite sure about what had happened in previous war camps like Auschwitz, even though half of the book focuses on his life before and after his time in Japan. The people didn’t have the Internet then so they couldn’t look up recent updates on the war at the touch of a button. America was mostly in the dark when it came to Japan between the years of 1939 and 1945 so when Louie came forward to the public with his recollections of his time spent there, everyone was enraptured. There would not be much of a book if the war had never
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