Summary Of Administrative Internship Mission Statement

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Dear UCH Administrative Internship Program,

I am eager to have the opportunity to apply to the University of Colorado Hospital Administrative Internship. I am currently a first year Health Administration student at the University of Missouri. I heard about this opportunity through Rick Sommers, who is our internship coordinator. My experiences throughout my undergraduate and graduate career will make me a great asset to the University of Colorado Hospital Administrative Internship team.

While working as a Graduate Assistant at the University Of Missouri School Of Health Professions Career Services Office, I have spent copious time giving presentations to large groups of people, in addition to working one on one with students to help them prepare for the job search. This experience has equipped me to become a confident public speaker and learn how to build confidence in students who are unsure of what career path they should pursue. Therefore I can apply these communication skills to this internship, as I will already feel comfortable presenting information. I can also use my interpersonal skills to foster a relationship with my preceptor along with other employees in the hospital that I would be working with. I also have experience analyzing data on students post graduation plans and have extracted important information to present to
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I truly believe that it is important to emphasize holistic care in regards to enhancing the lives of patients as well as making human connections. Balancing these two aspects of care ensures that the patient will feel valued, while also improving their quality of life. I can incorporate these values while being a part of this internship program. I aim to improve the quality of care patients receive while also building relationships with them and that is why I would fit in with the culture at the University Of Colorado
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