Summary Of Akunna Coming To America

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Immigrants have the idea that coming to America will make all their problems go away, but it won't. Adichie uses Akunna who is the main character of the short story, to show that living in America as an immigrant isn’t how immigrants think it is. The author uses the second person to put you in Akunna’s place to make the stories more direct to the reader.

Adichie’s second person narrative story tells the story of a young woman named Akunna who is an immigrant in the United States. Akunna came to the United States from a place in Africa called Lagos. Her uncle was abusive towards Akunna and he demanded a price of living that she wasn’t willing to pay. In Adichie’s short story, Akunna’s uncle tells her that America is “give and take” and that “You gave up a lot, but you got a lot, too”(Adichie 28-29). Akunna’s uncle was referring to the sexual price that she had to pay to live in her uncle’s
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Akunna has a hard time making herself feel at home. Her new boyfriend helps her by showing her around town, and they go places like the diner she works at, but he shows her an African food grocery store. When she and her boyfriend would sleep together, she would feel better and she could finally relax and let her guard down. Akunna’s boyfriend represents two things in this short story: what people think an immigrant's life will be, and the upper class citizen that wants to help but gets pushed away.
The author’s use of a second person narrative is to put you in Akunna’s place to make the stories more direct to the reader. Using this method Adichie can more effectively state her point of view on the issue of poverty and immigration. By pointing out these issues in the second person the author can put the reader in the place of Akunna, so that the reader will feel bad for people living in poverty, making the reader want to do
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