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A country of immigrants, America is often considered to be a “melting pot,” a blend of different races, cultures, and people upholding diversity in its truest form. However, the term “melting pot” has regressed over time in American society to resemble what is more of a “mixing pot,” in which the mixing of disparate constituents is always in process, never seeming to reach a harmonious equilibrium. Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie realistically chronicles the struggles that such a society poses on “non-American blacks.” Similarly, through her blog post about the “Test for White Privilege” by Peggy McIntosh, Ifemelu sheds light on the constraints posed by racial discrimination exclusively based on skin color. Moreover, her distinct identity as an African, and not as an African-American, allows her to formulate a holistic perspective on the cultural factors that contribute to white privilege. As highlighted in these personal recollections, racism in American society is a complex mixture of two forms: traditional racism based on one’s skin color exacerbated by contemporary racism spurred from cultural differences. A significant and unwarranted rubric for racial division in America is skin color – a minute physical difference stressed and aggrandized by society that has grown to blindly accept the binary black and white framework. Ifemelu “did not think of [herself] as black and only became black when [she] came to America.” (Adichie 359). As such, Ifemelu’s

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