Summary Of Armando Filipino

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Tu Nombre
You were born with the body you were given. It wasn’t your choice, this body. But you accepted it as yours. It became you. You didn’t give much thought to your body until years later, when the time came to leave home. When you reached the door of your new home, you were stopped. “Why do you look like that?” the person asked. You didn’t know what to say at first. “This is who I am.” They glared at your response. “There’s too much of you. None of us here are like that.” They presented you with a saw. “If you’re going to live with us, you’re going to have to do things our way.” You couldn’t understand. You came all the way here, searching for a new home. You loved yourself, you didn’t want to to give half of yourself up! But you couldn’t go
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The Origin of the Confusion
Mi padre se llama Armando Antonio Patiño Arias. When he immigrated to the US, his name became Armando Antonio Patino. Mi madre se llama Lina Maria Orrego-Sanchez. No estoy tan claro con las prácticas de asignar apellidos en Colombia cuando se trata de matrimonio, pero yo creo que si ellos se hubieron casado en Colombia, su nombre sería Lina Maria Patiño Orrego. However, that doesn’t really matter, because they were married here in the United States, and so her name became Lina Maria Patino. And then my sister was born, and then I was born; we became Melissa and Diana Patino. No Melissa y Diana Patiño Orrego, como la cultura de nuestros ancestros dictaba, but by how our culture dictated.
In America, there is no borderland. There is no hyphen or de la or multiple apellidos. The patriline swallows up the matriline whole, making half your history disappear, as if your mother and her side of the family were of no importance to you. But they are important to me.
. So, despite what the United States says I am, I used to say that I was Patiño, and an Orrego-Sanchez.
The Ñ isn’t on my keyboard
A veces no soy nada ni nadie.
Pero hasta cuando no lo soy, lo
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