Summary Of Article 'American Native Studies Is For Everyone'

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The article “American Native Studies Is For Everyone” by Duane Champagne, which is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles. This article addresses about some various issue between Indian and Non Indian Scholars that who should be studying about Indians, how the media distribute the information about Indians and the importance of American Native Studies.
There is a discussion that whether Indian scholar or Non Indian scholar should be studying the Indians. The article is in favor to the Indians scholar, knowing that they have more wide understanding through their culture backgrounds. Also, through their experiences and engaging in the Indian culture gives them advantage to
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Furthermore, the article also deliberate some issues about distributing information about Indian perspective through media. In media world, Non Indian is likely on the lead. Since media producers are not a member of Indian community they do not portray an Indian perspective where Indian members are not happy about it. Though, they have Indian adviser to consult some ideas about Indian perspective are not accepted, Non Indian media producers tends to accept the ideas that would fit to their plans which results that they are ignoring the main point of the Indian perspective. In fact, they produce some various production that would be compatible with the perspective and understanding of Non Indian viewers. However, it is possible to produce a real Indian perspective if it is become a demand in Non Indian audiences. Additionally, the article tell us about some issue for not crediting the scholars about their American Indian studies because they are not valued as it should be which is a threat to them for not having grant and scholarship.
In the article “American Indian Studies Is For Everyone” by Duane Champagne tell us that Non Indian are not likely welcome to study Indians and Non Indians are not
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