Summary Of Article. In The Article, “Response To Intervention

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Summary of Article In the article, “Response to Intervention in Reading for English Language Learners”, the authors Sharon Vaughn and Alba Ortiz explain, how much native language and/or ESL instruction students receive depends on the program model. Students in English as a second language programs do not receive native language instruction; they are typically educated within general education classrooms and have a support program for English as a Second Language. In planning Response to Intervention approaches, it is significant to recognize the program in which English language learners are registered, how their native language and English proficiency is measured and observed, and the core literacy program they have for development of…show more content…
The author suggests screening native language and English language and literacy development from early education through the transition process, and then in English when students are prepared to leave and are no longer getting reading instruction in the native language. The author states that a team method to problem solving that considers many of these issues may ease the progress of a proper instructional plan. Plans and instructional routines such as repetitive language, rapid pacing, modeling, time to practice, and discuss school employees do not delay literacy instruction until student’s English oral skills are well-developed, but instead support Students benefit when school employees are focused on meeting student’s educational needs rather than on finding an outside source to explain the educational needs. Instructors, including the ones in special education, are worried that they do not have the knowledge and skills to properly teach English language learners. The author states how these teachers are scared that their lack of knowledge of the student 's native language makes them unable of providing valuable education. That 's why, it is important that teachers are provided with the resources required to support them in this process. Reaction I found the article, Response to Intervention in Reading for English Language Learners to be quite interesting and informative. The article is well organized with headings and bullets for each topic. The
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