Summary Of ' At The ' Cadian Ball '

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Part 1
“At the ‘Cadian Ball” Bobinôt changed because at first, he “had no intention of going to the ball, even though he knew Calixta would be there,” (pg. 1265). He kept thinking about her. Later on, he heard that Alcée would be there, and then he decided to go. When Alcée had to leave, he asked if he could go with Calixta since she wanted to leave, and she said she didn’t care. When she said she would marry him if he wanted, he was shocked and suddenly happen, to the point where he couldn’t talk. Alcée had suffered a misfortune and Clarisse comforted him. He went to the ball without her knowing until she got the information out of Bruce, his slave. He is impatient with Bruce at the ball, but when Clarisse came, he left with her. Then she told him she would die if he didn’t come back and he started wondering “if this meant love,” (pg. 1272).
1) Was it more than his fear or shyness that kept him from initially wanting to go to the ball?
2) What about Alcée made him change his mind?

“The Storm” Bobinôt wanted to get home at the beginning, but he could not because of the storm. He had to wait at the store. He brought shrimps because Calixta likes them. When he and Bibi get home, Calixta is, possibly to his surprise, just very happy to see them. He seems to forget about the “explanations and apologies which he had been composing all along the way,” (Section 3). Calixta initially had no worry about the storm, as she did not notice it. She was busy doing work around the…
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