Summary Of ' Atlantic Avenue ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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It was a cold December night and Alex was walking around the streets of Boston, aimlessly searching for a place to lay down. Seaport Boulevard. Atlantic Avenue. Finally arriving on Congress Street. That night marked the one-month anniversary since Alex lost his job at one of the largest financial institutions in the world, due to a dispute between him and his boss. In retrospect, that well-paying job, with the spacious corner office and the unparalleled view of the Boston Harbor were the least of his concerns. Before that very dispute, Alex’s grandmother, Isabel, whom he loved very much, died after a long hard fight against cancer. At the time of her death, Alex was living in her apartment, which made coping with such circumstances all the more difficult. Drowning in student loans, and unable to foot the bills, Alex was forced to find other living arrangements. His grandmother’s highly coveted apartment in the heart of the city was foreclosed upon and sold to a young family from India who had just recently moved to the States. No job. No money. No family. Three things that plagued Alex and his experience so far as a young adult trying to find success in Boston. Many of Alex’s classmates at this point were starting families and had stable occupations all over Boston and the globe. It was nights like these, that Alex felt ashamed. Wandering alone in the brisk winter night, searching simply for a bench to sleep on, he would try to forget about the friends he

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