Summary Of Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress

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Whether it be the re-education or just coming of age, the Narrator in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie develops monumentally. In this passage, The Narrator was caught retelling the tailor a story he had read. However, the headman put forth a proposition. If Luo (the Narrator’s friend) can fix his tooth, he will not report the Narrator to the Security Office. The headman is both respected and feared yet in reality, he is quite vulnerable. This is proven during his tooth procedure performed by Luo. The Narrator’s reaction to the surgery reveals his desire to get revenge on the headman. The passage starts out with an in-depth description of the headman’s extracted tooth. The fragile state of his tooth is espied along…show more content…
There are no coral reefs in this secluded, mountainous region nor in the Chinese city he grew up in. He must have learned this from somewhere, like a forbidden book from Four-Eyes. This is a double hit at the headman. Not only is he making fun of his ‘fang”, but he is also using the knowledge he learned from books to do so. All of these details prove that the headman does have the body of an admirable leader. Who would want to listen to someone with “tobacco-stained teeth?”. Medical diction and jargon such as “scientific aid”, “diagnosis”, “syphilis”, “extracted”, and “decayed” are included to declare that Luo is more knowledgeable than the headman. Both Luo and the Narrator were sent to re education in the first place because their parents were in the medical field. Now, Luo’s medical familiarity is greatly needed. How ironic. This is not to say that dental hygiene makes or breaks a good leader, but, generally those in charge are treated well because of their power. The Narrator's realization that the headman is not physically fit adds to the fuel of wanting revenge. Because the Narrator is so focused on the poor condition of the headman's teeth, it is revealed to the reader that he feels some pleasure in seeing the headman suffer. He focuses on the the gore and discomfort of the tooth rather than expressing any sort of sympathy. As far as the procedure goes, a sewing machine is utilized to perform the operation. When the
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