Summary Of Barbie Doll By Marge Piercy

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“Barbie Doll”

Why when we are alone do we think about flaws or other characteristics about ourselves that are not “good enough? “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy gives the readers a new outlook on the standards people uphold for young girls. When you see what is expected you begin to realize how unrealistic these expectations are. Throughout the poem Marge Piercy talked about things that were often expected from young girls such as appearances, hobbies, and even characteristics. The theme of this poem is” people set unrealistic expectations on young girls that can cause an affect on their self-esteem. ” was mentioned and as we went deeper into poem the pain she was truly going through was revealed. She believed the only way it would all be over is if she killed herself, which was the impact the author wanted you to feel. This is shown by the attitudes of the poem and the figurative language.

To make a larger impact and connect more with the people reading, Marge Piercy uses figurative language to give the readers a new outlook on the standards being upheld for young girls. People can only take a certain amount, and the author shows that in this quote “Her good nature wore out like a fan belt (16+17).” This presents how the unrealistic “rules”, as some may call it, impacted her so much to the point where slowly it was taking the life out of her. It also showed how she tried to fit into what society expected but it did not work out. Like it says in

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