Summary Of ' Beethoven ' II

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Final Project
Brahms, IV. Adagio – Più andante – Allegro non troppo, ma con brio – Più allegro from Symphony No. 1

Part 1, Adagio, C minor
m. 1 Protagonist 1 violin 1 and violin 2 and Antagonist 1 woodwind section comes in together continues to m. 5. Protagonist 1 melody is prominent because of orchestration Melody is fully harmonized like a chorale. Longest rhythm values and sequential. Antagonist 1 melody feels like very even with crescendo and diminuendo. The Harmony with C minor tonal center and plus the chromatic alteration. The melody goes down step by step and up with legato line. The rhythm is quarter note evenly moving down and up. . Musically this with very stronger character, using chromatic alterations against the protagonist 1. In the opening, the violas and low strings play a four-note moving down. Overlying with this, the violins, wind instruments, and timpani enter with a joy of the main theme in a sad, tragic style.

m. 6 The strings begin a weird passage of pizzicato with P. Composer use pass two-note amount between instrument groups, beginning very softly. The strings very evenly add energy and volume as they move to G minor, E-flat minor, and F minor. At the end, they are moving fast and suddenly cut off.
m. 12 A1 and P1 returned. The woodwinds return to the slow tempo. The violins and violas speak this at the same pitch level. They are arched again after the pizzicato notes.
m. 16 A second passage of pizzicato, very similar to…
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