Summary Of ' Beethoven ' II

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XIAO ZHANG Final Project Brahms, IV. Adagio – Più andante – Allegro non troppo, ma con brio – Più allegro from Symphony No. 1 Part 1, Adagio, C minor m. 1 Protagonist 1 violin 1 and violin 2 and Antagonist 1 woodwind section comes in together continues to m. 5. Protagonist 1 melody is prominent because of orchestration Melody is fully harmonized like a chorale. Longest rhythm values and sequential. Antagonist 1 melody feels like very even with crescendo and diminuendo. The Harmony with C minor tonal center and plus the chromatic alteration. The melody goes down step by step and up with legato line. The rhythm is quarter note evenly moving down and up. . Musically this with very stronger character, using chromatic alterations against…show more content…
Again, the notes figure and speeds up, much faster this time, as the passage is shorter than the first one. The keys that are now indicated after C minor are B-flat minor and the A-flat minor. The pizzicato is now cut off again after four bars. m. 22 The winds now use forward with the same thing, building very quickly in volume. There is syncopation in both winds and strings. m. 24 Beginning in F minor, the strings now play a longer phrase of broken, fast moving down lines with light wind support. These lines diminish before an unexpected higher wave with brass and winds. They then drop and diminish again. Finally, the flutes, oboes, and bassoons begin to play a sad drop that will soon be tell as the stronger figure that will control the second part of the introduction. With the wonderful timpani roll, this even wave is unexpectedly cut off. The C-minor key is somewhat avoid at this point, but the low strings hold on, diminish, and drop, goes into the new tempo and C-major key for the introduction second part. Part 2, Più Andante, C major m. 30 P1 horn part comes in continues to m. 37 than same thing the flute as a P1 comes in again continues to m. 46. This is very obvious P1 musically with very stronger character. C-Major chord. It is longest rhythm values. Sound is very powerful with F dynamic. After that, P2 tenor trombone and A2 bass trombone comes in continues to m. 61. This is a definitely new melody. Rhythm is half
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