Summary Of Behind The Veil

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– Behind The Veil – Book Review Shahzad Rizvi’s Behind the Veil tells the story of a young student, Shamim, and his affair with an older woman, Rashida. Set amidst the rich tapestry of cultures that make up India, it offers a large-scale view of the many challenges that faced the nation as it gained its independence, as well as an intimate portrait of a family and a circle of individuals. Through Shamim and Rashida’s affair, the novel explores love, loyalty and fate, and the effects we have on each other as we inevitably grow and change. Rashida falls in love with Nadim, an author, after reading one of his stories. She waits for him through the political upheaval that rocks the nation, despite never having met him. Nadim, when he finally appears, turns out to be nothing like Rashida had imagined. Soon after their wedding night, Rashida begins to wonder if the Nadim she thought she loved was anything more than a dream, asking herself, “Maybe the Nadim of today is the real Nadim and the Nadim of the past was a girlish fantasy?” Rashida’s disappointment leads her to develop the independence that transforms her from a headstrong child to a woman. Craving the intimacy she thought she would find with Nadim, she begins an affair with Shamim, but he ultimately disappoints her as well. In their final conversation, Rashida takes responsibility for her mistakes when she says, “I have always been a rebel and iconoclast. I challenged my religion, I thumbed my nose at tradition and I
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