Summary Of ' Bella Swan '

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Bella Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her father, Charlie. She is not happy about this move but she knows her mom wants to follow her new husband who is a minor league baseball player. Fortunately for Bella she is welcomed into Forks High School and makes friends quite easily. The only weird thing about the school that she notices are the five Cullen siblings: Edward, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie Hale, and Jasper Hale. They are all adopted by the town doctor, Carlisle and his wife Esme. The fact that they are all adopted by a young doctor, who looks way too young to have five eighteen year old kids is not the weird part. What Bella finds out of place about them is that they are all unbelievably beautiful,…show more content…
As the dance approaches Bella is asked by multiple guys to go with them and she rejects them all. Edward starts showing her attention again and she is slightly hoping he will ask her to go even though she does not like dances. Everyone notices that he is showing interest in her especially his siblings. Bella invites him to go along to the beach with her and her pals, but he declines. She is not sure why until she arrives at the beach and runs into Jacob Black, a Quileute Native American who’s dad, Billy Black, happens to be Bella’s dad’s best pal. Jacob tells her stories about how the Cullens are considered the, “Cold Ones.” Along time ago they came to the tribe and asked for a treaty to be established, which was granted. Now with all those stories and legends swirling around in her head she can not stop thinking about Edward and his unusual family. A few days later Bella goes with two of her pals to Port Angeles for a shopping trip. She hates shopping so she wanders off to the bookstore down the block in search of more information on creatures known as the “Cold ones.” On her way back she is cornered by these men who had had more than enough to drink, and once again Edward is there to rescue her. They end up having dinner that night and pretty much grilling each other with a bunch of questions and then when they are done he brings her home. The whole night she sits up and does all this heavy research on vampires or
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