Summary Of Ben Carson's Law On Firearms And Ammunition

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“The likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed.”- Ben Carson
Ben Carson has not backed down from his idea that if the citizens of Germany were armed during Nazi rule, Hitler's goal of complete genocide would have more difficult. Carson uses Nazi Germany as an example of how tough gun restrictions would prevent the people of the United States to stand against their government.
Prior to the Gesetz über Schußwaffen und Munition (Law on Firearms and Ammunition) that was enacted in 1928, Germany required citizens to surrender their firearms and ammunition or face five years of imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 marks ($58,225). This was a in response to the number of communist revolts that were happening around Germany.
The 1928 law required Germans to have possession permit to acquire firearms. Germans could even carry their firearms without a special weapons permit for
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It was how fast the Nazis raided homes of people, tapped telephones, planted informants in cafes, shut down all presses that disagreed with Nazi ideology, forbid citizens from sharing information with foreigners, and kill all those who spoke against them, that made it impossible for Jews to have any chance of surviving the Nazi onslaught, even if they were armed. Jews had no idea what was waiting for them when the Nazis were transporting them to concentration camps. Even if Jews, communities and other opponents were able to form a coalition, it would have been unlikely to disrupt Hitler's plans. The Warsaw uprising is an example of what happened to those armed brave enough to fight:15,200 rebels killed and missing, 5,000 wounded, 15,000 sent to POW camps. Among civilians: 200,000 were dead, about 700,000 expelled from the city,and about 55,000 civilians were sent to concentration camps, including 13,000 to
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