Summary Of ' Beware Of Satan ' S Attack

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Introduction: The snake’s character is so clever and wise. When the snake attacks, he will make sure his prey could no longer escape. Theme: “BEWARE OF SATAN’S ATTACK” Message Aim: Is to keep on trusting the Lord and keeping on submitting to His will even in tough times. Text: Matthew 4:1-11 ==Read this passage and pray for message’ anointing. In this passage it shows how Satan tempting Jesus and it shows also how Jesus resisting the temptation. How important to be more aware of Satan’s crafty move in tempting people? Indeed, very important. I- HE WANTS YOU TO TAKE FOCUS ON FOOD THAT WILL JUST SPOIL <vv. 1-4> -This story of Jesus was parallel to what was happening to the Israelites as they were wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. They were tested while on the way to the Promised Land. They were hungry. But the problem was, it was not because there was no food while on the way for God was providing them but they just kept on murmuring and complaining to Moses. So many Israelites that were not able passed through the test and had died in the wilderness. -Jesus in this passage was tested. Satan knows that Jesus could find a way to satisfy his hunger. Satan’s suggestion is so luring because he noticed Jesus was hungry and it appears that he was just concerned to Jesus to be free from hunger. But the key here is not for him to do the will of the enemy but to do the will of His Father who art in heaven and this was Christ’s mission not negate the will of the One who sent

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