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Justin Wacker
Professor: Dr. Kellerman
Theology 1100
February 3, 2016
Summary of “Bible in an Hour” “Bible in an Hour” is an interesting encapsulation of the thematic that is laid out throughout the entire Bible and how they are linked together in the Old Testament into the New Testament. Reverend Wade Butler does a good, but not a great job at bringing out the whole Biblical explanations. The charts are very helpful to visually see his concept of this theme. Reverend Butler’s simplification or paraphrased of the Bible is just one way to view it. One can agree that whole Bible is made up of “three promises, three covenants and one sentence”. (Butler) He begins with the general theme of the Bible. Reverend Butler’s theme is “One man’s familyand how God (Yaweh) kept his three promises to Abraham (man). (Butler) The Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) created the entire world. He said let there be light, which at that point God created the entire universe. God is the light of the world. God create the time and all who inhabit time out of infinity. (Butler) Reverend Butler spends a great deal of time explaining the creation story in Genesis 1 and 2. By God’s commands he creates the animals, skies and everything that are in them and it was good. On the sixth day, God created man out of mud/clay in his own image and blew a deep breath of life in his nostrils. God named him Adam. God directed Adam to name the animals and whole of creation.
God saw Adam was…
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