Summary Of Big Brother In George Orwell's 1984

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Big Brother is watching everyone in Oceanian, no matter who you are or where you are. In George Orwell's 1984, Is talking about a society that has no freedom. Winston is a part of the system so he could access a lot of secrets that ordinary people can’t. In this world, people can only be loyal to the Big Brother and the party. Big Brother is one of the main characters, and he can control everything including people’s mind and history, it seems like he is the god of this novel. The reality is that Big Brother does not exist because he is not physically present in the book. The first point is that, he only exists as a tool that the party uses to threaten people and he is also a symbol of dictatorship in this story. There are few descriptions of him in the book. His manifesto was everywhere on the radio, and everyone knows he can see everywhere. But he never shows up. Like the Smith asked O'Brien that “ Winston Smith: “Does Big Brother even exist?” O'Brien: “Of course he exists.” Winston Smith: “No, I mean... does he exist like you or me?” O'Brien: “You do not exist.” (272). O’Brien also played a significant role in 1984. He is a double-faced character in the novel. Both Winston and O’Brien work for the party. Winston felt he had the mind of resisting the party, and to prove it he decided to get in touch with him. They become friends, but when Winston told him that he wants to against party, O’Brien arrests him as a thought criminal. In fact, O’Brien is an agent of the
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