Summary Of Brandi's Home

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This worker arrived to Brandi’s home at 10:00 am with Jarred and Zoey. Jarred and Zoey walked to the back yard and entered the home through the back door and this worker followed. When the children entered the home they hug their mother and was asked by Brandi if they wanted to eat cereal. The children said yes and Brandi told them she would make it for them soon. While Jarred and Zoey waited for Brandi to make breakfast the family sat and talked for a minute. They talked about serveral things including the game Jarred was playing and they talked about the cats. After a few minutes of interaction Brandi got up and made cereal for the children. In addition to cereal, Brandi also made Jarred bowl of Tortilla Chip.

As the children ate breakfast Jarred was on the computer and Zoey was on Brandi’s phone playing a game. During this time the family sat silently until it was time for lunch. As Brandi got up to make lunch she told them she would be making chili. The children smiled and laughed excitingly at the idea of having it. Before Brandi went into the kitchen to make lunch she retrieved her phone from Zoey so she (Brandi) could listen to music as she prepared lunch. Zoey then asked if she could go and play with her cousins for a minute. Brandi told her that she was able to play but had to return when it was time to eat lunch.
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The family did engage in verbal interaction during this time. They talked about the meal they were eating, the activities they were engages in, and had an extensive conversation about the cat. After lunch Zoey went back in the room to play XBOX 360 with her cousins. Following that activity Zoey watched “The Secret Life Of Pets” with her cousins and Jarred continued to play the computer. Both children participated in the same activities until the visit came to an
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