Summary Of Buddhism: Plain And Simple By Steve Hagen

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Buddhism: Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen is an excellent book that focuses on the real meaning of Buddhism and shows the audience in a straightforward manner through the entire reading that Buddhism is all about “awareness”. In order to guide the audience to Buddhism in the most plain and simple way, the author takes away all the religious acts and everything that Buddhism has adopted through the years and focuses only on the teachings of Buddha. What makes this book so interesting is that the author is never trying to convince or make the audience Buddhism believers, his only purpose with this book is to be informative in a way that the audience can get a better and clear understanding of Buddhism after reading the book.
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This part of the books is where the author goes into details explaining how every aspect of the eightfold path works in real life, giving the best example possible of every aspect for those who are not familiar with Buddhism. The Way to Wake Up emphasizes that we are our on prison; that Duhkha arises in our mind, thoughts, and everything that does not let us see what we are, does not let us see our situation, therefore we can’t see how to the deal with it either. As Hagen says on page 65: “Our problem is that we don’t pay attention to what we actually know. We give our attention to what we think--to what we have ideas or beliefs about--and we discard what we actually see”. That’s exactly what Way to Wake Up is all about, being able to put aside our thoughts, beliefs, and ideas in order to pay attention to what we know, to what we’re currently seeing. The author also talks about how we see the world as frozen, we label everything, including ourselves. We basically identify ourselves with groups, behaviors, and beliefs. He suggests that doing all of these things holds up back from seeing the truth, from understanding that reality cannot be put into a conceptual form, instead reality is there for us to see, to perceive

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