Summary Of Canada's Underground World Of Human Trafficking

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The book ‘Canada’s Underground World of Human Trafficking’ by Benjamin Perrin is a realization of reality and a desperate call to action. The silent screams of young abused victims continue echoing down the dark tunnels of Canada’s underground world of human trafficking. Perrin argues that this is an issue that should concern everyone on a global and national level because it lowers the value of our common humanity. He uses empirical evidence from a variety of case studies to emotionalize with the reader and support his claim that Canada desperately needs to be educated on this form of modern day slavery. Throughout the duration of the book Perrin discusses and provides examples of multiple forms of social inequalities that help enable the…show more content…
In contradiction to Perrin’s argument is the current political debate surrounding the implement of the Nordic Model to enforce the demand for paid sex that fuels the human trafficking industry (244). By implementing this model Canada will be creating the ultimately safe heaven for criminal human traffickers. Using the sociological conflict perspective it is apparent that in relation to power and status the underground world is full of poor conditions and low wages. Trafficked victims are usually seduced by false promises of employment and better living conditions. The Canadian government should utilize their media platforms by posting missing persons ads on social media. Canada should also encourage the NGO’s to support charities and fundraisers for pro bono lawyers to help the young underrepresented victims of human trafficking. The continuous disregard of human trafficking not only motivates but also empowers the traffickers, ultimately rendering Canadians to a willful effort in dismantling and bringing justice to all those victims who cannot speak up for
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