Summary Of ' Carrie ' By Daniel Diener Essay

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During those summer trips to Kansas, Carrie started dating some of the people she’d met at the Yoder Church. This version of finding a future spouse didn’t appeal to her though. The boys were nice enough, but she knew they weren’t the ones she wanted to spend her life with. Carrie admits to having had her eye on one particular fellow and being mildly disappointed that her sister was dating him. (And, no, Kate didn’t end up marrying that guy.) When her friends suggested she go out with this friend of theirs, Daniel Diener, she was a good sport though and went along with it. She said of their date, “I thought Daniel was so much fun.” Over a few summers, Carrie and Daniel dated while they went back and forth to college. Getting their degrees was important for both of them. At one point, Daniel said that he wanted to take a course in Astronomy and Carrie said that was fine as long as she got to take a course, too. In the summer of 1938, Carrie was renting an apartment with her sister Kate and a friend, Ruth Hemmingway, in Goshen. Daniel stopped by one day and asked Carrie to marry him. It was the first time they’d kissed. She said it was unusual back then, and even more unusual now, but she followed the advice offered in the THE CHRISTIAN COMPANION which suggested waiting until engagement for a first kiss. She says she’d kissed other boys before but Daniel didn’t need to know that. They’d been engaged for two years before they married on May 31, 1941, because, as Daniel used

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