Summary Of ' Cathedral ' By Raymond Carver Essay

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First Person Narration Description in Cathedral.
Timilehin Odunuga
Northeastern University

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Raymond Carver the author of “Cathedral” which narrate about inviting her old friend who is blind to their house. Robert is blind and his wife had died not long ago. The story beginning to show how the author is troubled by approaching visit for things he can 't exactly clarify, but he ascribes it to Robert 's blindness. The author does not understand how much the blind man used to be to his wife and he doesn 't suspect his arrival, yet before the end of the story the author has an epiphany and sees. From this story, the Reader gets the feeling this is no conventional story. The author is amazingly easygoing in recounting his story, and this account style is purposely utilized by the writer to draw in the reader. Consider the different routes in which the narration of "Cathedral" can be viewed as a casual narration and a well detailed description. First person narrator is utilized by the writer to recount the story to accentuate the baffling parts of the extraordinary moments that he relates in the story. The narrator is egotistical, concerned just with how the visit from Robert will influence him and he is desirous of how might be the connection of Robert and his wife before. The author using the first person narration is a big key of description and showing is personal experience to knowing the

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