Summary Of Chapter 12: There's Something About Mary Keane

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Chapter 12: There’s Something About Mary
Mary Keane was a loving lady who had the dream to turn a mansion into a group home for lesbian girls because of their struggles they encountered. Although her dreams did not come true as there are not many lesbians in the foster care system, she still opened a group home to girls only. Mary fostered 11 kids and practiced “moral adoption’, which is committing to a child for life. She didn’t want to only help a child until the day they turn 18, but until they stop needing assistance. She said that many times after a foster child would move out after 18 they would soon regress and need someone’s help, but not receiving any help from the foster care agency or their old foster parents. Mary mainly focused on safety and praise and told her foster children that nobody would be kicked out, but they would work
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The last chapter focused on the author, Cris Beam, visiting Dominique to talk to her. As Cris went to visit Dominique, she realized that Dominique was late to meet up. Dominique got in a car accident on her way to meet up. Cris stayed alongside Dominique in the ambulance and at the hospital because Dominique did not seem to have anybody else to call. Cris began to call people connected to Dominique in hopes of someone answering and willing to bring new clothes to the hospital. When she called Dominique’s foster mom she did not want anything to do with the accident and insisted that she should call the foster agency. Finally after nobody seemed to want to come visit her in the hospital, her social worker came to the hospital without clothes and only seemed to worry about irrelevant things at the time. Foster kids need a stable, solid adult in their life, which many of them lack, This is the last call for the American Foster Care system as it seems to struggle and need tremendous
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