Summary Of Chapter 21: Regulating The Inner And Outer Domains

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Chapter 21: Regulating the "Inner" and "Outer" Domains
1. Trade rights and religious perceptions affected how Matteo Ricci viewed relations with china by taking a different strategy than the other missionaries. “…the Jesuit Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) encouraged his followers to immerse themselves in the language and to become conversant with the rich traditions of Chinese literature (Source 21.2, Ricci, Matteo, in Patterns of World History, Vol. 2, p. S21-4)”. Instead of limiting their training in Chinese language and culture and focusing merely on the conversion of the poor, the Jesuits instead immersed themselves in the Chinese language and high culture of the empire. They gained recognition through their advanced knowledge in mathematics, astronomy, military science and other European learning required by the imperial
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Honda-san urged the Japanese emperor and his government to emulate the Europeans system. “Nevertheless, it was the prowess of these particular Europeans in the shipping and trade, dependent on a scientific and mathematical knowledge of navigation, that most interested Honda (Source 21.2, Honda, Toshiaki, in Patterns of World History, Vol. 2, p. S21-11)” Honda admired the way the European mastered shipping and trade through the use of scientific and mathematical knowledge. The Japanese wanted to take initiative, they wanted to prevent their ships from continuing on getting lost in the sea from merely depending on landmarks and mountains for navigation. Honda thought his country needed improvement, he suggested if they developed the methods of navigation, they would reduce the amount of rice and other foods lost at sea (Source 21.2, Honda, Toshiaki, in Patterns of World History, Vol. 2, p. S21-12). Which would greatly benefit the nation’s wealth and stabilize the prices of rice and other food products throughout Japan. Therefore, Honda-san required the Japanese’s to gain knowledge of astronomy and mathematics in order to ensure Japans
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