Summary Of ' Chapter Twelve '

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When Blake asked me out today, I didn’t expect to find myself here. From our past experiences, I thought we would be at his house doing something like watching a movie or practicing our lines for our play. Instead, he insisted on taking me somewhere that he valued and held close to his heart. Nobody had taken me to their special place before and I was honoured.
“I hope you like this place,” he nervously says as he lightly bites at his lower lip.
Blake parks the car in a free space and then we climb out and meet at the back. I silently watch as he opens the boot lid and grabs a folded picnic blanket out, then quickly closes the car and locks the door. He starts walking forwards, so I quickly run three steps so that I can catch up to his quickly moving pace.
He tucks the blanket under his right arm and pockets the keys. With his left hand, he scoops mine up and laces his fingers in-between mine. As we continue to walk forwards, he squeezes my hand and smiles at me.
There’s an extra spring in his walk as we travel down this pathway. It would be clear to anyone observing on the outside that Blake River’s was happy to be here. I’m glad he has a favourite spot to help keep his mind grounded and himself on track.
I try to take in our surroundings as we walk but at the same time, pay attention to Blake’s body language.
We’re in the middle of an open park space. From where we are, I can see a dip in the hill which leads to a large glistering lake with ducks and swans…

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