Summary Of Charles Darwin And The Leakey

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Charles Darwin Vs The Leakeys:
Charles Darwin and the Leakey's are two very similar yet different anthropologist's whose discoveries have had an immense impact on the world of anthropology. However, which of the two anthropologist's is better? Although the two are without a doubt, legends in anthropology history, Charles Darwin is definitely better due to the greater impact his discovery has had on the way we live. His theory of evolution by natural selection is the basis for many things we know today, and without it, we would not know a lot of the things we do. It is from his theory that we were able to learn exactly how we came to be, a question that anthropologists have been asking for several years. Therefore, when looking at who is a better anthropologist, it is clear that the answer is Charles Darwin because his discovery has had a larger impact on the way we live.
To begin with, Charles Darwin and The Leakey's are different because they both discovered different things. While Darwin came up with a theory of evolution by natural selection, The Leakey's found the earliest fossil of our genus, known as homo. Darwin came up with his theory in 1859. The theory explained that evolution is due to a phenomenon called natural selection. According to his theory, natural selection is a process where only the organisms best adapted to their environment survive and transmit their genetic characters in increasing numbers to succeeding generations, while those less adapted tend to be eliminated. He explained it as "Multiply, vary, let the strongest survive and the weakest die” (cite).On the other hand, the Leakey's did not come up with a theory, instead, they uncovered the earliest fossil of our genus, referred to as homo. Their discovery led to the confirmation of the theory that humans are of African descent.
Even though their actual discoveries differed, Charles Darwin and the Leakeys are both similar in the sense that the two are significant contributors to the understanding of our origins. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection is responsible for explaining where all living things came from, as well as how they became exquisitely adapted to their particular environments. Whereas, the Leakeys

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